Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport


   Goose Rocks Beach emphasizes activities oriented toward rest, relaxation, and family fun.  The beach is a beautiful three mile crescent-shaped strand of fine, soft sand ideal for sunbathing, reading or making sand castles.  The beach is protected from large waves by the Goose Rocks, a series of granite barrier ledges lying offshore.  At low tide these ledges become accessible via expanses of inter tidal sand flats.  Scattered throughout the flats are pools of water that make ideal places for small children to crawl and splash. Marine life abounds on the rocky headlands making them a fascinating, adventure to be explored by nature lovers of all ages.  Tide pools contain starfish, sea urchins, crabs, and small fish.  At the south end of the beach the Audubon Society fences an area to protect one of the few nesting colonies of least terns and piping plovers along the Maine coast.


    In addition to the offshore ledges, the beach is bound on each end by tidal rivers - the Batson and the Little Rivers.  These tidal rivers are bordered by typical New England salt marshes.  The marshes and tidal gullies, accessible at low tide, offer the opportunity for leisurely exploration of another coastal habitat. The deeper spots in the gullies, still underwater at low tide, hold several species of fish, crabs, and small, glasslike shrimp.  The grasses are home to numerous birds.  For those who have access to a small boat, canoe or kayak, the cove and marshes allow leisurely paddling.

Goose Rocks Beach Photo Gallery

Sunrise At Goose Rocks
Morning Beach View
The Goose Rocks


Path To The Beach
A Day At The Beach
Batson River Marsh


Sunset At Goose Rocks
Salt Marsh Behind Maritime